Sunday, March 30, 2008

understanding da cipher

...starting out with the conditioning that things are separate, we take a walk. Oooh look how perty interesting those things and people are. I am c'in it for the 1st time

... compartmentalizing so that we know how to "deal" with each section of our lives independent of each other. Oh that bird is so interesting, that flower is so perty, those peaches smell so good.

... finding out thru walking the tao of self that they are all connected... here we stumble on the notion of "interconnectedness". ooh that bee made that flower blossom into that pear.... lovely.

oh really? changes the way you interact right?

YO. The spot opens SOOON.
Solar... food from the SOL. Think on that

I luv U (cus the reflection of self that U present to I... how bout that)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

as small as I am big


words & wirds & werds & wurds & wyrdz....

in writing a business plan (my first time actually completing one in seriousness) verbage is an exploration in culture. making attempts to speak a foreign language (bankerspeak) and also represent self honestly I play and play and play with the arrangement and spelling of common words. I do it all the time anyway altho in this instance when I am aiming at a sort of compromise between worlds its challenging. My business partner is a writer by nature and feels more at ease walking between worlds so he'll write the bulk and then I will add my nerdsmith revisions.

for example...

he'll enter in holistic thruout the document and I add a doubleyou so it reads wholistic... no holes just wholes... right?

it might say evolution in some places it might say revolution in some places and now thruout it says (with parenthesis) (r)evolution.

these are minor details to some ... to i self they change the entire vibration of the message.

we work well together me and amen ar rashid.

I spose the point is... wisdom is as wisdom does and thats culture.

when you walk as you talk... you can infuse ur culture into every cipher you enter whether it be's bankerland or faatmasphere right? right.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

director vs. manager

right? right. and that pretty much sums up the entire universe my friends.

when you observe and do according to what you observe you can see how what you did was based on what you observed.

when you learn and you act on what you learn, you can understand how and if what you learned is applicable to life.

when you are and your ways are based on who and what you are you are one step ahead of the "game" in that you can see why u do and what u are.

all that and all I am really sayin is 1+2=3. And everything after is just an arrangement of that.

***random side note ( which is always never very random)
so... apparently I am a businessowner, which in the poptraditional sense of the word I am adamantly not, and do not prescribe to the laws of that land. what seems to really be going on is that Faatma is organizing a collective with the community that will bring gold to all those involved. and you knowledge that "gold" means somethin different to everyone.... money, knowledge, power of self, longevity, sustainability, growth, development, networking, stability, knowledge, knowledge..... "gold" is here for us all.

we/you are changing the way we/you do "business".

don't tell me what to do... but PLEASE tell me what WE gon do.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

dragons blood

born the year of the dragon, with the element of fire with the tiger ascendant....
the idea is to find the difference between alone and lonely and not to get the two confused. the enigma gets an interesting view of what is and what seems to be...

i give thanks... pass it on.

todays mathematics is equality. give it and you will get it. expect it and it will be returned. be well versed in as many languages and dialects as you can and always speak whats right(eous).

yay me!

life is like a mixtape that gets better every time you listen to it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


...when cameron was in egypts land.....

whats lovely is that i have been in constant communication with the internal workings of my physical body for over a decade... cleansing and simpling and listening to the secret life of my inner universe (guts) and fasting every spring in some form or another without fail... all that to say that this spring "I" did not consult with the internal order of faatma (I.O.F.) on how or if I was going to fast this spring... but the I.O.F. is used to protocal so set the clock on DETOX... and I am getting all the effects of a detox (similar to what is often referred to as the common cold) without even doing a fast...

needless to say the I.O.F. has advised me that I should follow my own advice and instruction and fill up on organic green juices, citrus, and infusions of an herbivorous nature as they are one step ahead of me and I need to catch up.

5 = Power.
power is described as the ability to perform a with a considerable amount of success, understanding the laws of control and strength while utilizing your tools with ease.

the I.O.F. is a powerful force which I am in full recognition of on this day.

***random side note. Check this out

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008