Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

this womans work....

I just went to see Maxwell.... If y'all hadn't figured it out by now... I STAY busy... so for me to go to a concert was a miracle in itself... when he sang this song... its true... crabdragon distilled (with all the other women in the audience)  youtube says I can't embed this video... but you should watch it... it reminds me of many many conversations I've had with god(s) recently... the visual metaphor in the video is above and beyond a story... whew... too bad I have commitment issues...

Friday, October 24, 2008

bein a sucker for original artists and photography.... I thought I would share this today.

The rest of the crazy images are here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

u are not in the world... the world is in u

  crabdragons in love are a most awe inspiring sight.  It may only last for a day, a season or a year, so if one observes this rare habit of a rare creature, one should stop and be present with the crabdragon... ha... for real tho... the thing about the crabdragon is that she changes her mind quite frequently, which is different than not being able to make up your mind because she is quite firm in her opinions, until they change.

so crabdragon wanders the earth in search of nothing, in awe of life and its hurdles and blessings... decides it would be nice to spend some time curled up in the corner of the local gypsy tavern... a hooooooookah and a book on personology.

"I'll have some mint tea momma"... elder gypsy prefers this title to a name, she is just like crabdragons momma so its an honored title, " thank you..."

and then what happenned?


"..... I've been meaning to C u sis... wanna join me?"

after an hour or so of mathematical flirtations and metaphors about bees and buttafly's...

" should know you are a blessing... I just wanna tell you this NOW because tomoro isn't promised and I don't mean that in a apocalyptic kinda way... I mean you never know how you will change/transform from one day to the next and how you will C the universe.... so you should know that you blessed my day and today is forever right now..."

speaking in affirmations that are posted on sticky notes thruout the inside of my shell...

"smile when you think of me ... it keeps the weather nice..."

crabdragon and twinflamebuddha exchanged books, wrote a psalm in each others journals and parted.

being present in that moment wast the best present for that moment.

"How beautiful you are in my I's"

aaaaah mushy mushy crabdragon... get back to work.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

my youngest is a natural photographer... she has a brilliant eye for natural moments... I was dumping pics onto my computer because it had been a while and I found her most recent images... I never share pictures of my fam so you should all feel quite special... I love my babies.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Peace and pay attention to your personal patterns and how they affect everything you interact with, absorb the order of things and respect the models left for us to draw from.

public journaling is wild and crazy... I read blogs more than I write them so I'm often left wondering if people are who they say they are....  internet persona's are an epidemic of grand proportions so I s'pose I am left to rely on the notion that those who are like me will be attracted to me... did that make sense?

we could look at it a couple of different ways...(well really the perceptions are unlimited so here I am generalizing again as if I'm so smart) so lets just say these are my personal observations/judgments about blogging

1) journaling is a release and people who are prone to obsessive/compulsive journaling (like myself) are prone to be secretive, out of shyness, or fear of judgment or whatever the case may be would rather not share with people or in some cases don't have the opportunity to do so, and so instead confide in their books....

here I would imagine that a public journal could be really fucking therapeutic.  I always threaten to start an anonymous blog (or maybe I already have started it....woohahahahahaaa) and how thats probably the only place that I can really release because no one knows where to find it! Anyway... if folks are building and learning and receiving wisdom from random people whom they don't physically know, in theory it could be a really interesting and therapeutic dialogue... which apparently I am really interested in... :-)

2) some people are full of shit and so far removed from themselves that they are allowed the freedom/or prison of creating and propagating some real mundane realities... its really just that simple.... hows that for simple complexities.

3)some people use the internet to socialize under the guise of networking.  I have said before that I am wary of romancing the innernet... I am absolutely speaking from experience and it wasn't just a solitary case of bad judgement.  its an emotional trainwreck waiting to happen.

are any of y'all of the caliber to know folks who were or are yourselves D&D heads?  well If you don't know what I'm talking about then you may skip to the next paragraph... if you DO... doesn't it seem like those same folks are now online speed daters?  "oh so and so is talking to so and so... well nah they never met physically but they've been serious since the first season of avatar..."   anyway... y'all know I'm talkin' about myself right? just kidding.... for real tho.. ha!

4)  this is new media... and its the first time since the inception of free will, that we can build philosophy, wold politicking, global organizing, we could maybe even ... overthrow the man (did I say that out loud?) ... (no you just typed it so they may not have heard you...)

more on this soon.... btw I do... absolutely do... have daily fantasies ... about ... doing this for money... blogging u perv!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My homegirl and I have this ongoing joke that we'd rather have a man like google than like yahoo... cus google knows everything, is resourceful and looks good... yahoo still looks like hes a teenager, doesn't get as much done and can't really stay on task without tryna sell u somethin ( ads for days)  ... anyway...all that to say I should work for google....

52 things you can do with google besides the obvious...webrowsing.

the other inside joke is that I'm a pc and shes a mac... ha... I think were gonna make our own version of the commercial... have y'all seen the new pc commercials?  I'ma a pc and I wear... headbands....

Friday, October 10, 2008

this is the thing... I really do know that you can manifest anything you ask for.  Anything you see in your minds eye, anything you plan for.  I also know that quantity helps.  I wonder what would happen if like minds got in a room more often to VISION.  it may sound spooky to some of you who are dumb, yet the reality is... the more intentional energy that goes into something, the more likely and the more swiftly it will manifest.

however...before we all get in a room with our garbled, loud and interrupting thoughts lets learn to quiet some of that mess.

* my son reminded me this morning (he is doin the knowledge to his cipher/10) that you can activate more neurons in your mind when you practice FOCUS...which he says will allow a person to use more of your brain power.

what does it look like when you sit down and have a conversation with all those voices in your head without any order?  are they talking over each other?  can you even complete a thought?

I know this sister who is wild anyway...yet as I observe her in silence with herself, her eyes are shifty like she is havin a screamin match with her baby daddy... which leads me to the conclusion that she is conflicted in her own mind.  do the knowledge to every cipher people.

the most valuable cipher to your development is always gon be your own mind.  don't let it rule you... love it up, teach it to calm down and move with ease and focus.

I am so in love with myself today... I build y'all are too.  be healthy y'all

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i love u
come plain wit it...

check out my brother C'BS Alife Allah's post at the Journal of Allah's 5%

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


everybody better have somethin to say about what we just watched tonight.

First of all, Mccain's arms are really short, look like they are made of wood and his robotic mannerisms are really distracting, he looks like he is about to keel over at any minute and bounces around like kermit the frog when he's anxious... does anyone really want to put a 71 yr old man who can barely walk or talk and breathe at the same time in charge?

why the fuck does he think its a gift to offer people a tax cut and then instruct them to go spend it on insurance?

did Obama say "I think the straight talk express just lost a wheel?  HA!

did Mccain really say "or somthin like that"?, "that guy" (reffering to Obama) and that "nuclear power is safe and clean"?

if mccain by some crazy miscount happens to win because they forgot to count the votes in colorado, florida and ohio  we all better pack our shit up and declare allegiance to some properly run socialist goverment!


that about sums it up

drunk dailing

google is so effin smart!!  read me

Saturday, October 4, 2008

culture in my inners

there have been a few things missing lately....born universal truth I think I've found them.

its been excruciatingly silent since 1) my hard drive died (with too many music files in it) and was replaced and 2) lost my ipod ... I have since found it so the lifeblood has been restored, yet it was a most torturous series of earthquakes in my inner-terminals this past couple of weeks.

the power of silence is a force I haven't had to reckon with in a long time. being forced to acknowledge the 7 bitches within (having understanding(3) planets in gemini... recognizing which voice is vanity, which is ego, which is the abstainer, which is a hypochondriac, which is scared (of u), which is creating, which is clarity, which is true, which is wisdom.... aaaaaaah... and then which voice is singing... because that did start happening after a while.

this elder god in the sufic tradition with the name of hazrat inayat khan has wisdom in a book which calls itself The Mysticism of Sound and Music... most of which is the same lecture series over and over, but he does drop jewels on finding your voice... and to just speak true, and sing true and you'll find the octave, vibrations,notes etcetera that are yours truly and be a tool to use to develop self.

music is my bff y'all... Kian, Asiya & Ajala are the only people on the planet that I crave constant communication with and thats because I birthed them.

born universal truth (the best acronym ever) I had always known music to trigger openings in my mind... never realized till lately that there are some things I won't "hear" because I am listening to my "want"ing for answers..... does that makes sense? want is just as real and true as the bitches within... and since I'll be the first to tell another sister that they better listen to thier inner bitches so that they don't try to break out and cause havoc, I oughtta follow that rule of thumb myself.... mine weren't really tryna stir up trouble in the yard... but they shir was cookin up some brew in the attic... ha.

also... I've been hearin in the wind that I am meant to reconcile with a sister that I disconnected from...on purpose... trust, the feeling was mutual, and apparently now, when you call yourself a builder in the community, you have to let water flow under the bridge... we don't build dams and lakes... stagnant water only breed one form of sustaining life... bacteria. So I have to think about that one for a minute...

the newest addition