Monday, January 12, 2009

to whom it may concern:
I have successfully developed a reputation for showing up to the party, just to vanish without a trace... only to be seen again when I am ready, years, months and days later.... maybe I have problems socializing... Its hard for me to be in groups of lots of people for too long! I have a problem with the facade of small talk and pretend smiles.... my cycles are seemingly random to the outside world but I am aware of the internal pattern of reclusion.

1) I am bored easily... its a terrible and arrogant thing to say. if you are a person who takes a long time to tell a story, it better be really animated or I will only hear the beginning and end. and because I am a tactless mudslinger I'll probably admit that to you while you are talking.

2) I have anxiety about falsehood in body language.

3) Aquaintanceship with an agenda is no fun.

4) I prefer genuine unconditional whimsical relationships.

5) Most importantly...I like to listen to music, draw/paint pictures and read books.

What does a hermit do?
whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without obligation to do it in a way that is socially acceptable...

I may regret posting this later... and you will know this because I will have deleted this post.

Sincerly (for real y'all)