Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

makin out with God...

I met the highly favored one... and have been inspired in hues of golds, olives, and oceans at night... butterflies are bout to bless my hands with creation.... when crabdragon is in this space she only speaks in tongue(s)...overtones of the magnetic... cyclical stylings of air and water makes what? bubbles... and fyawata flavored rhetoric..... she grew up reading and writing in metaphor, under concrete and powder she wasn't spose to touch.....the plants always busted thru steadfast bricks.... mix it all up and you got some rebellious hard love....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

food + justice + me = ?

everynow and again I go on a seemingly angry rant about mufuckas. please don't be hurt by my sailors mouf... please know that I am just fine and content as can be because I can vent when I Need too.

it was a bout knowledge cipher rotations past (10 years ago) that I first presented the idea of "food justice" to my boss at a non profit organization around youth organizing. I am in no way saying that I am the founder of said phrase or ideology. what I am saying is that I presented the idea to my boss, who was also my close sister and mentor. the organization I worked for worked labor issues, immigrant rights issues, education policy... and what made us different was that we were an organization that was run by people of color for people of color and the youth were doing all the organizing. brilliant minds and passion that comes in youth is not a force to reckon with... they will cut you deep with honesty and reality...I miss them.

so as I'm telling my sister this, she says "faa... thats hippie shit and these kids are happy to get some hot cheetos and sprite"(back when sprite and common was cool)

true... I'll acknowledge that it may have been so then... but not nowadays

see NOW those same punk ass organizers who was callin me hippie and crackin jokes at me while I read a label or did research on a company who made a proclamation to care about my guts or while I was not free to be hungover with them cus I was gardening, are NOW talkin about teachin the youth to organize around what? food justice... well these mufuckas thought that they would sidestep me and go get "learned" on the issue and be able to organize around it....only ever heard of Van Jones cus he was on the View or some shit, only heard about environmental racism because I been whispering under my breath for the last decade...

anyway, once they realize what it entails to work the earth (metaphor intended) they decide to call... NOW I get phone calls to speak at this roundtable and that forum, and this national blahblah... and my first reaction is Anger... because I don't do this because its cool or fun or "in" .... and it is fun (if you think physical labor is fun) and it is cool (if you think health as wealth is cool) and you are "in" (the dirt alot) but WE mudslingers do it because we give a shit about y'alls punk asses.

stop tryna be cool and think! it is a beautiful thing to harvest your own paradise. right now the fall is the most beautiful example of born going into knowledge... the wealth of organic matter in its various shapes and colors decompose and what is rest for us (winter) is transformation to the earth... in the spring when we/earth blossoms, the overful and overstimulated disregard the simple complexity of her creation and never realize that it takes the most natural collection of efforts to create her paradise....

love your earth, cultivate her, stop worryin about what you look like standin on her... she loves you stupid....

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a lil yellow myself... :-D Got this one from Jeff Chang