Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

melancholy is like the cool breeze that u let in thru a cracked window in winter... on purpose - crabdragon

Hero's is the dopest show out right now (and House - but for a whole notha reason)

You must know by now that I am in fact a superhero(in) and that I mostly fraternize with other superhero's as well. One of the gifts I posess is ESP which = an uncanny ability to pay attention with all of my senses.

I know a hero who writes the matrix, and another who translates it, one who is magnetic, one who has sex powers and one who can speak any language that exists, one who is faster than lighting, one who has a razor sharp tongue, and one who can only hear the truth no matter what comes out of your mouth, one who lives in multiple dimensions (and is aware of it), one who can hypnotize you and a couple who have mastered Quantum Physics...

this show is appealing literally and metaphorically. In the flesh and in the ethers. its hyper-illustrated-existentialism at its best.

Pay attention to yourselves y'all... its a good fuckin story.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

nothin in particular is prompting this rant except that it was a conversation worth mentioning(reminding)...

we were working working working typing clicking 140 characters a minute working and had an epiphany as we type and click and talk about life while we work and type as the earth turns....

I don't want to be in love with anyone who is (co)dependant or insulted by my work ethic... it would be the lovliest arrangement to find someone who is fulfilled in thier flyness whom I can be fly right next to. right next to. right next to. (sounds like some spoken word if you say it aloud)

I knowledge as we are younger we wish for a thing that completes us, however, when we are whole beings...(WHOLE not hole beings) it makes more sense to have a partner whom you sit right next to. walk right next to. run and fly right next to.

we've all done that other: vanity, jealousy, envy, possesiveness, secrets, stacking bones in the closet type so-called love. gone so far as to attempt to fit my figure into someone elses old used box. all that pain and extreme discomfort in hopes of some "completion"

i really enjoy pleasure. not gluttonous, just extremely sensitive. it don't take much either way. so good is good and good is God and thats all we dealing with goin forward...

another fyi: guilt is like the sound of the gun at the beginning of the race. run!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The notebook is back, they gave her a new motherboard (how traumatic), lost my ac adapter, gave me a universal in the meantime, poor lil pakistani boys(bredren!)at geek squad are overworked and underpaid.

updates on downtime
my brilliant daughters (who are realizing God,7, and building on her way to born,8 goin on 9)started thier own business... we'll be launching the website soon... I'll keep you posted

my brilliant son (who is clearly doing the knowledge to his cipher,10)has discovered that he "thinks" he is smarter than his teacher. (He might be actually) telling her that the work he's doing is hard while he goofs off and breezes thru it in the last 5 minutes of class... problem is...he shared his plan with me... and while I absolutely understand his genius plot and executed it myself thru-out school, I may have to be a kill joy and rectify this situation... still thinking about how I can make it known without the teacher feeling manipulated and my son feeling betrayed.... I'll keep you posted

CrabDragon had a long talk with herself and admitted to having commitment issues (were a lil sideways and backwards so it can take time for the obvious to be voiced)

we (me and the other 6 bitches) have been very busy cutting lineoleum (chinese woodblock traditions)and refurbishing furniture (sanding,painting)in the house.

I did damn near write (yes hand write) half of my memoirs...and I'm not going to share it with you....because I'm sure there are at least 30 more good years to go

CrabDragon is considering the notion of meeting SuperGod and letting her eyes lead her out of her cozy shell... I'll keep you posted.

Poetry is for suckas. just kidding...maybe.(don't hit me)

Monday, September 1, 2008

my brother Sincere is a PurpleYamster