Monday, December 19, 2011

i'm leaving you...

For tumblr...that is all.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011


...told the story without a filter and the insides exploded with the realization that sometimes things are hidden so well that we forget where they have been put and what they mean(t).

I found it.
I didn't like it.

...sigh.... I'm gonna fix it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Transfiguration: a gift and a curse.

knowledge wisdom.equality.knowledge knowledge's been a while.  Blogging left a bad taste in my mouth.  Social media in general.  I think we walk a fine like between sharing and exploiting.  More on that later (if I feel like exploiting)....for now we're healing and about to burst with words, so full.

I have shit I wanna talk about.  So, let us write a list.

  • Holy & Righteous: ...'tis the season of Black and Vegan.
  • Science: Jin & Qi (mis) understanding energy.
  • Transfiguration: a gift and a curse. 
  • Confounding the commoners (business as usual).
it's Fall y'all... almost Winter really, and it's a time for reflection.  For clarity's sake, I say that as a farmer and not a metaphysician.  I spend a whole lotta time in my head.  My close peeps will tell you that I will (and DO) cut folk off mid-sentence with a random interjection, which is obviously a confession of my lack of interest or my lack of attention span (I do have guilt around it, if anyone was wondering). What I mean to say is, I'm gonna resume blogging because well, I need to get it out of my body, the commoners are not so fun to talk to and my philosophical/academic/alike family has better shit to do than listen to me ramble and therapuetize.

FYI for folks who may still follow this blog (it's been a long time) ... things have changed a bit, am a bit less filtered, and really enjoy expletives as descriptive words and for emphasis.  The filter has thinned a lot and the story remains. back sooner