Monday, June 30, 2008


standing outside with my matrix encyclopedia in front of SOLAR slangin' vegetables (as I do er'y monday)...

SOLAR is between an apartment building (historic building on the main st. that houses elders mostly) and one of the oldest original bars in our city, used to be called "Waiters & Porters" back in the day and is now called "M&M's"

...and this elder brother is walkin down the street...

Elder Brother (EB): I heard y'all opening up a restaurant....what kind
Faa & Cel (FC): vegetarian
EB: awww hell... hahaaaa... well..
FC: well now don't you eat vegetables wicha meat?
EB: you no what pretty girl, Ima tell you somethin... I'ma country ni@@a!
FC: hahaaaa... well what about dessert?
EB: well you don't get to look as good as me at 63 eating dessert!

touche right?!
so elderbrother goes on to tell us how he likes pork chops and lambshanks, and chicken and he'll even go across the street now and again and get a pig ear sammich, but he can see how we doin alright w/ the veggies *wink *wink

EB: you know Mr. Sherman who was here back in the days?
FC: nah... what did Mr. Sherman do?
EB: He made Art up in here but we used to (as he's rollin imaginary dice) up in here...

he breaks down some other history about the "Sign Man" who rode a Harley with a mean ass poodle in the front basket that would tear you anew socket and the "Key Man" who went to the belly and came out a minister who now has a big fancy church with at least 10,000 followers...

EB: I see your headwrap sister ASALAMALAKUM!
FC: wa alakumsalam (I just can't disprespect my elders - it's some immigrant training that is uber-ingrained in me)
EB: I was a muslim for 30 years but then one day I saw all the chaos and hatred that live out here (pointin around the neighborhood) and I went back to the Koran and the Bible and checked to make sure what I was feelin was right... and you know what... not one place in either of those holy books does it say that you should be a Muslim, or that you should be a Christian or even that you should be RELIGIOUS... so I said fuck it. I can't be a Muslim because theres too much bickerin, and I can't be a Christian because theres too much bickerin, and I abide by the laws and I get my drink on and I'm at PEACE.

hood gems are the best gems..

They call him "Doc" and if I ever need him to whoop somebodies ass I just need to knock on the second window to the corner.

Understanding your cipher means having clear vision of what your circumference offers you and where the best part lives... I love my hood.

Friday, June 27, 2008

understanding my wisdom is some powerful shit.... I've been around the sun that many times at the date of this writing.....earfbirfbornday.... physical degrees of separation/integration.

she tried to hide but they all followed the crab(by bitch)dragon...unexpectedly the crabdragon, walkin sideways and chanting some taoist blablablee found some loud and rambuncious gypsy twins. The crabdragon always tries to hide from them for no obvious reason at all. They smiled and told her they thought her bandage was pretty, handed her the golden mean and dissapeared without a word. no lie. thats what happenned.

the ethereal young knowledge seed buddha whispered to the crabdragon that she is a hood supastar and gave her some kush from kush & vanillasheabutta all in the midst of a long-standing thought about how black vanilla really is...

bein born on the wisdom god day borns some heavy sideways walkin. listen now, don't think for one minute that the crabdragon don't enjoy every minute of her sideways backwards firebreathin highflyin existence. she loves all these freaks.

oh and the freaks (who I love) took the vegan crabdragon to a sushi spot and served her fried cheescake while the crabdragon seeds sang happy birfday (SW Style).

a prince from the east who lives in the west, my favorite aquatic sis who is the place where knowledge and wisdom started when the planet was first found(ed). and an encyclopedia for the matrix made my... oh I mean the crabdragon's day.... that and the fuckin ridiculous mixtape she made in her shell just now.

......fairytales are better with explitives.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a constant yes…
I am usually excited for another rotation around the sun but this year for some reason it triggered some ceerius contemplative geothermal exchange about this UNIverse I maneuver thru. Yes.

Oooh the crab has been walkin sideways just a grumpy lil bitch for days… and even still all I get is straight goodness. Yes.

1st of all, (I’ve said this b4 and I’ll say it again) knowledge comes from whatever angle you receive it from. Relative. The Criminal has just as many jewels as the PhD (if not more.) Check yo’self. That’s right folks…get your read on and expand on your vocabulary and get abstract, and read up on your Quantum Mechanics and String Theory and study the Tao and Vedanta and Dogon Astronomy and how it relates to 120…and know how to speak it to EVERYBODY – translate to ANYBODY… cus who cares if all you get to do is spew rhetoric with other scholars. I care about all of it. And I feel comfortable in the company of those who break apart language and ignore the rules of self righteousness and walk all over isms and challenge hierarchy. Also Known As "Criminals". Yes.

Words are my most devoted nemesis. Yes.

Righteous. Hmmm … Oh the righteous thug is every girls dream… but that’s another story altogether. What makes a thing righteous? (15:36) Who’s right angle is measuring? What does upright mean to you? A long time ago I read this book, “The Seven Taoist Masters”, and in it there are 7 Taoist monks all looking to get the Golden Peach (immortality as they call it). All these brothers (and one sister) did all their internal exercises and followed all the rules and walked the Tao very so-called upright. And one by one got knocked on their asses by self-righteousness. One monk finally stopped trying to curb his desire for the brothel and moved in and just know that he attained that Golden Peach. At another point you meet some so-called criminals who you come to find out are actually just reclaiming the karmic debt owed to them. Perception is a mutha right? Yes.

6:14 for real tho… classism and divisiveness in academics is real. It’s really not about how many words you know, how many books you’ve read, how many degrees you have. It’s about how many languages you speak. And I don’t mean French and Chinese. Do you speak hood like you speak Ivy League? Yes.

I talked to this sister today who said, “The one thing I know to be true like I know the sun rises and sets every day… is that the universe is a constant yes.” I think that’s the most profound thing I’ve heard all day. Yes.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

12. L Love Hell or Right – knowledge wisdom a.b.b.t. understanding – to observe the created circumstance with clarity of vision and accept it or correct it. Love is the highest form of understanding, a word often misused, Hell is where we live as we are dumb deaf and blind – feeling as if things are beyond our control, to right is to correct words ways and actions in order to be productive to self, family and there.

the ever (r)evolving Earth Fa'aTma

Monday, June 9, 2008

its not over at born... its not just beginning either...lets use some other words instead.


just a few.

keep it simple for the babies.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mercury in retrograde.... yeah I b one of those... who cares what the hororscope is really altho why not pay closer attention to the way the planets align and interactions with the sun make and change life on earth... you know what I'm talkin about right?

the existentialist says, "you make it what you wanna, and you see what you wanna c" and thats true enuf too... so whatever, I wanna see relationship based science and how and when and why culture happens on a macrocosmic level and a microcosmic level and guess what else... they are the same thing।

retrograde means something like, "going backward" right? and we could look at it like backward steps if you wanna, yet even backward steps allow for progression if you are aware of what is happening and aren't "regressing" which is something altogether different. here we are invited to "revisit" the so-called "past" and relationships of the aformentioned so-called "past"...

were all relationship based yet where we differ is whether or no we are dealing with our relationships of people, of places, or of things... and revisiting/reflecting/reenacting (in my head) are things I have done all my life.

day dreams if you will...

culture is interesting and interestingly misunderstood. culture is cultivated like a garden. people/places/things in the garden all interact with a determined idea and purpose. each has a role not valued more than another and driven by thier interactions and thier determined outcomes...

did y'all notice how the 1st order of business for our messianic icon (Obama) was to offer allegiance to the zionists? fuckin miisguided attempt for what may seem to be a position of power (presidency). Power being the ability to master a task (or nation) based on your ability as the best knower of a thing.

well I'm off the Obama wagon y'all...officially not for the aformentioned...for many many reactions I have observed as miguided intentional displays of the American Dream.....

its raining and as you know...when it rains... it mf'in pours.