Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

like a sailor

some randoms because my thoughts are not all that cohesive right now ( maybe it'll all make sense after I read it)

1) bitch is one of my favorite and most used words... bitches get sensitive about it and bitch and they might get bitched slapped with they bitch asses... its as versatile as "fuck" ... and not as abrasive ( to me anyway).

2) Venus is in retrograde... which seems to be more of a mess than when mercury is in retrograde.... it makes us backwards emotional bitches.

3) on a lighter note... the garden is goooood... planting started this week and I have 5 plots this year. People are ready to learn to grow food ( and flowers). I was buildin with a friend about how alot of folks have fear around this perceived recession and economic "collapse"...whenever it comes up, is a good time to insert community building in the form of gardening as food security... I personally see all this mess as a good thing and build that the current economy continues to collapse so we can build a resource economy..... bitches.

thats all for now... I'll post pics of the garden soon.