Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a constant yes…
I am usually excited for another rotation around the sun but this year for some reason it triggered some ceerius contemplative geothermal exchange about this UNIverse I maneuver thru. Yes.

Oooh the crab has been walkin sideways just a grumpy lil bitch for days… and even still all I get is straight goodness. Yes.

1st of all, (I’ve said this b4 and I’ll say it again) knowledge comes from whatever angle you receive it from. Relative. The Criminal has just as many jewels as the PhD (if not more.) Check yo’self. That’s right folks…get your read on and expand on your vocabulary and get abstract, and read up on your Quantum Mechanics and String Theory and study the Tao and Vedanta and Dogon Astronomy and how it relates to 120…and know how to speak it to EVERYBODY – translate to ANYBODY… cus who cares if all you get to do is spew rhetoric with other scholars. I care about all of it. And I feel comfortable in the company of those who break apart language and ignore the rules of self righteousness and walk all over isms and challenge hierarchy. Also Known As "Criminals". Yes.

Words are my most devoted nemesis. Yes.

Righteous. Hmmm … Oh the righteous thug is every girls dream… but that’s another story altogether. What makes a thing righteous? (15:36) Who’s right angle is measuring? What does upright mean to you? A long time ago I read this book, “The Seven Taoist Masters”, and in it there are 7 Taoist monks all looking to get the Golden Peach (immortality as they call it). All these brothers (and one sister) did all their internal exercises and followed all the rules and walked the Tao very so-called upright. And one by one got knocked on their asses by self-righteousness. One monk finally stopped trying to curb his desire for the brothel and moved in and just know that he attained that Golden Peach. At another point you meet some so-called criminals who you come to find out are actually just reclaiming the karmic debt owed to them. Perception is a mutha right? Yes.

6:14 for real tho… classism and divisiveness in academics is real. It’s really not about how many words you know, how many books you’ve read, how many degrees you have. It’s about how many languages you speak. And I don’t mean French and Chinese. Do you speak hood like you speak Ivy League? Yes.

I talked to this sister today who said, “The one thing I know to be true like I know the sun rises and sets every day… is that the universe is a constant yes.” I think that’s the most profound thing I’ve heard all day. Yes.

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