Friday, June 27, 2008

understanding my wisdom is some powerful shit.... I've been around the sun that many times at the date of this writing.....earfbirfbornday.... physical degrees of separation/integration.

she tried to hide but they all followed the crab(by bitch)dragon...unexpectedly the crabdragon, walkin sideways and chanting some taoist blablablee found some loud and rambuncious gypsy twins. The crabdragon always tries to hide from them for no obvious reason at all. They smiled and told her they thought her bandage was pretty, handed her the golden mean and dissapeared without a word. no lie. thats what happenned.

the ethereal young knowledge seed buddha whispered to the crabdragon that she is a hood supastar and gave her some kush from kush & vanillasheabutta all in the midst of a long-standing thought about how black vanilla really is...

bein born on the wisdom god day borns some heavy sideways walkin. listen now, don't think for one minute that the crabdragon don't enjoy every minute of her sideways backwards firebreathin highflyin existence. she loves all these freaks.

oh and the freaks (who I love) took the vegan crabdragon to a sushi spot and served her fried cheescake while the crabdragon seeds sang happy birfday (SW Style).

a prince from the east who lives in the west, my favorite aquatic sis who is the place where knowledge and wisdom started when the planet was first found(ed). and an encyclopedia for the matrix made my... oh I mean the crabdragon's day.... that and the fuckin ridiculous mixtape she made in her shell just now.

......fairytales are better with explitives.

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