Monday, September 22, 2008

melancholy is like the cool breeze that u let in thru a cracked window in winter... on purpose - crabdragon

Hero's is the dopest show out right now (and House - but for a whole notha reason)

You must know by now that I am in fact a superhero(in) and that I mostly fraternize with other superhero's as well. One of the gifts I posess is ESP which = an uncanny ability to pay attention with all of my senses.

I know a hero who writes the matrix, and another who translates it, one who is magnetic, one who has sex powers and one who can speak any language that exists, one who is faster than lighting, one who has a razor sharp tongue, and one who can only hear the truth no matter what comes out of your mouth, one who lives in multiple dimensions (and is aware of it), one who can hypnotize you and a couple who have mastered Quantum Physics...

this show is appealing literally and metaphorically. In the flesh and in the ethers. its hyper-illustrated-existentialism at its best.

Pay attention to yourselves y'all... its a good fuckin story.

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Maternal said...

oh, i live in multiple dimensions and are aware of it - or am I?