Sunday, December 28, 2008


She had a dream.

Looking at her feet which were bare... long naked toes, feet criss crossed over each other. "what if someone sees them?"

Looking up to see water as far as the eye can see... just the slightest ripple.  no land just water. beautiful grey blue, flickering light on the surface but cannot see the source of light.

"How am I not in it? Who took me away?"

Looking  down to see a solidary rock.  Sturdy and raised just inches above the water.  The rock of the mountains by the valley where she rests.  Barely a splash against the rock.  The solitary stone in the water.

Feet are bare, water is still... is it a lake?  No, there is no beginning nor ending.  Why is it so still?... it isn't, the current is constant and gentle.

She understands. Everything exists as a constant.  Accept it graciously and master self.  The trader doesn't exist except as ego.  She could jump in but decides to let her body slide off the rock... naked feet first... into the elixir of life.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

God is Go(o)d

...can't keep up with y'all... plus its the season to hibernate which I self b very very very proficient at. All is well and up and down and sideways and like clockwork its seemingly random as anything. I'm only blogging today because too many people have called me to say "where the fuck have you been?"

...was versing with this brother and asked him a question and he told me that I should be mindful of my language.... too wordy. keep it simple. Ok. I'll walk with that.

...was versing with this sister who was telling me about myself and my cycles and then stopped mid sentence and said "I just realized I was telling you all the ish I should be telling myself" I love when that happens... no matter who the epiphany is for its lovely.

...was told that I use the term brilliant too often and in the wrong way. So if you hear I say it than you should know its not to comment about how smart something or someone is, instead I use it to mean glorious, splendid, magnificent, and even shining intensely... in fact I usually mean it to say "wow".

... saw this flick (I heart Huckabees) and halfway thru we realized they were philosophically set trippin... theoretically gang bangin... existentialists versus nihilists ( you hear that Em... you should watch it!)

Goin to Oakland next week, so if you rest there let me know where the vegetable nerds and mudlingers b at.

FaaTma Behesht Earth