Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no apology for my lack of posting. I love myself and am not always at the computer :-D... its spring! and spring has offered abundance in many forms for crabdragon... learning a new trade (working on a community farm), community garden organizing ( and the interesting dynamic of interrelationships in community), growing things in the earth and the planet earth...transitioning into my adult self (wow)... who heals the healer? the healer does ya dummy.

anyway...just wanted to share a dream from this pasts night vision and my analysis of it.

its frantic, the energy is full of urgency and it feels manic like on some "I am Legend" or some "28 days later" type ish... I am on a mission...running with my seeds who are smaller than they currently are and am intently looking for a certain room in this place, which looked like a hotel lobby... )I knowledge that when you are in a home you are dealing with your subconscious, so when you are in a public place does that mean we are dealing with how we see the world?)

so we are running... two lil people at my tails and one in my arms... I find the room which is some willy wonka crawl space with a door that disappears into the wall.... ahh they are safe... I'm creeping thru this place with my crouching tiger stealth and walk up on this person who I think is a friend... tap him on the shoulder just to realize that he has joined the enemy ranks. I know this because he has an intricate geometric tattoo on his forearm... and he tried to play nice with me until he saw my eyes linger on his forearm and looked like he didn't know what to do and I thought he was gonna scream...

and this point I said somethin like "It's my right to grow my own food" (in a really dramatic voice) and he said something to the effect of "not unless its certified!"

and the other folks in the room recognized me and started to inch their way toward me with their weapons drawn...

listen... I know this sounds silly right? let me give you some foundation information.

so before I went to rest I was lying in my bed meditating on the state of the earth... myself and the planet and how we are exactly alike and the same even in our mental state, in our madness, in our protectiveness and in our intuition. I was thinking about old school environmentalists vs new school green capitalists vs hippies vs urban go greeners and this whole so-called movement of green. Somebody pointed out to me a while back that the Dollar Bill is also Green... and I find that a perfect way to describe what is going on in the world.... and I feel like my psyche is telling me what I already know... there are people in this world that act like the green militia, the green nazi, and the green capitalist/dictator. For myself, I've been on this ish my whole adult life, and until very recently was frowned upon. no sir I don't wanna be your superstar, no ma'am I don't want to save the world...

what? you don't wanna save the world? no... because I knowledge that there is no such thing as a global movement for positive change... big change happens in small spaces and ripples (((((((o))))))) you feel me? so when folks try to make something big... I knowledge its then time to retreat and save self and family.

I love y'all... be sincere in all your undertakings and make change for you and your foundation. save YOUR babies.

Thank you for listening (reading) my words.