Thursday, August 6, 2009

and so...

I'm still earth.....& an eccentric overbearing mother, ethereal utilitarian artist, student farmer, nutritionist wanna b, vegetable nerd, pot thrower, mud slinger, shit talker, sailor mouf', amber & coconut smellin, absythne drinking, tobacco lovin, vanilla flavored woman.

As the Earth (r)evolves.....I watch the sun rise and set (oh the metaphors abound today) the weather is very frequently wrong & I learn somethin about myself.

I learn somethin about you.
I learn somethin about my seeds.
I learn somethin about growing (children, myself, food, relationships) LuvHer said “growth ain't always peaceful”... when I gave birth to each one of my children ...guess Hurts... but when u see their faces and hold them in ur arms, its worth every single solitary excruciating last second of it. Spring wouldn't be so lovely if winter didn't make us wait and salt makes all the other flavors shine...and so the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly. Figure it out please.

I don't have judgment for your process but I do have judgment for your judgment.

Recent peeves include:
People who are crippled by their self pity or self loathing (and let me clarify that I have been that person)
Martyr-dumb (stop tryna save us!)
The i'm-so-worried-about-whether-or-not-your-validating-me-that-I-can't-see-the-value-in-my-work actor (I really don't like the show boat).

Recent joys include:
Beauty of depth perception and layers in our walking painting called vision.
Children and their wisdom which seems to expand far beyond what any of these righteous and holy books can ever reach.
The decision to use measurements that are appropriate to the equation. One cannot use the same formula for all things in life... therefore good and bad can vary based on the circumstance too.

And so...Did any of this get thru?