Monday, November 2, 2009


giving gifts in preparation for
greatness when the sun is high

masculine innerG's guide me to

i love u

...just one kiss?
it's a healthy obsession with
who(mmmmm) i make out with
in the ethers
whenever I c him.

spirit watches cerebral
wanting the physical...

How u B?

How u Bee?
(he knows I am the bee)

walking wit Blissed.

lost & found

temperance and clarity
worst enemy, greatest teacher
& unconditional lover.

our antenna receive messages
faster than the speed of
light & sound.

love letters are
B sides
wrapped in inside
jokes. really just one kiss
so I can decide if
this is god's breath
I'm tasting...

temperance & clarity
are always talking
righteousness & rememberance
it's so 5th dimension.

"poetry this is not..."
...says the pouty crabdragon to the tiger,
"it's just how i talk."