Thursday, April 17, 2008

don't tell me what to do *itches

knowledge god all being born to god.

i pay attention to the way we as the earth absorb and transform the light of our brethren, so that we can create pyramids for our culture and wash our brains of the programming.

its been a minute or more....and this is my second go 'round at opening a business. the first time is like having your first child. you could care less what anyone has to say a bout the right way to do it, cus you just in love with this being like the first time you thought you were in love with a boy (or girl) and long story short, no matter how much advice you might get, you gon' get your education thru trial and error..... much error... ha

so the second time around i think alot about what i'm doin it for. it ain't the glory bcs I know from experience that it is more work than you've ever done in your life. its not for the money, bcs as we say often, i couldn't be a capitalist if i wanted to, i barter too much and give too much away to ever be concerned with gettin rich, altho this time around we know we're worth a living wage, which didn't happen when i was in love with my first (baby, boyfriend or business).

and people like to ask , what did you take away from the first that you can apply to the second? and the muthafuckin answer is.....(drum roll please)

Don't do it all yourself.

being the owner/operator/accountant/manager/employee/janitor/chef & coffee slanger isn't fun.

wrote a list, checked it twice and asked for add ons from the community, let everyone participate, because we want it to last and be prosperous.

I spose this is as good a time as any to pub the spot.

you still can't tell me what to do, but you can tell me what you like and I'll consider it.

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