Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cloud formations

wisdom walks over to build & destroy and says "do the knowledge to ur cipher" and they all walked over to where they started and saw exactly how they got there.

...why do we spend so much time worrying about whether or not the next (wo)man is eating the wrong foods while we are partaking in them (via gossip)

...just do u... eat the right foods ... don't talk about it... (you know the rest)

peas & rice forever.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

existential day dreams of the dragon

I b the wisdom of god born to live out mathematics. I was born on the wisdom god day of justice u now equality. I’ve created a holy-day out of the wisdom god day of every year.
Every wisdom god day I return to ask myself if I am being wise, in accordance with allahs mathematics and if what I born is whole…..
No doubt this queen is qualified to absorb and transform borning nations and nourishment for all those to catch a gander in amazement.
… and I have more fun in my head than most have in thier daily lives… I dunno if I should b proud of that or not… my existentialist self says its all the same no matter how u slice it.
I b the wisdom of god that borns paradise….

Monday, May 26, 2008

the golden peach

...if it could just be scribed from my mind to the pages then it would be fine, yet I spend more time lately picking my own thoughts apart than writing them down.

Knowledge cipher rotations around the glorious SUN! In my studies of knowledge wisdom cipher I have gotten to the culture degree of the knowledge to culture cipher. There are a number of reasons for this, and regardless to the facts I have to be diligent and study what I know. I live in the Desert people… wisdom is scarce and SunGazing is Dangerous! One has to be mindful of the false prophet (who is abundant on this mountain) Most days contentment is natural. Some days I get fired up and curse out the idol gods who demand that I fit my beautiful form into the square they were callin’ the Earth’s uniform. That’s a whole ‘nother build. Most days I live like the Fremen Queens from Dune … myself in the Desert, reclaiming my own wisdom. Patience my strongest asset, intuition next.

Without getting on a rant that may strike a sour note in somebody I may as well just build. I’m sort of MIA nowadays so I can’t get into too much trouble right?

Wisdom Equality a.b.b.t Build/Destroy.
Wisdom is the action that is aware of itself. The best knowers doings. The qualified movement.
Equality is the balance of energies in a person place or thing. You could be balancing knowledge and power… could be balancing wisdom and culture… or balancing understanding and understanding…
Build is to add on, create, make more, make better, construct, fabricate?(watch ur language missy!)( oh don’t be so stupid… look the word up mfer!)
Destroy is to take away, dissolve, make less, make worse, deconstruct… ahh you get it.
… do not place positive or negative value to one or the other especially as the better part of me has been ‘built’ as a result of some internal intentional destruction on my part.

Some of us get caught up in what someone else has or what someone else is doing… especially what folks who are unalike to us have and do and why we don’t have it (8:10.) Which is a result of conditioning that has showed us the imbalance of the free market system we live in and the fear of so-called failure that people are bred to have from birth (8:36.) How many people have fallen victim to the dogma of an unalike free market philosophy? (17:36) When can I get a peace of the pie? Not nowadays(26:36), not while you caught up in someone elses definition of success. The reality is that when you have an understanding of what is underneath the “rules” of trade and success you ain’t invited to the party. They don’t want you to run them from among ‘us’(8:14) ... you might walk the road alone for years months and days. It don’t matter ultimately are you in it for the camaraderie or for the golden peach? Somebody told me that degree uses to say socialism but was changed to social…. Hmmmmm
Don’t get me wrong… I like being in like company. But the golden peach will give you sustenance for eternity.

My apologies if it was hard to read. Few and far between walk with the dragon and “get it”.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

buys some cookies!