Monday, January 12, 2009

to whom it may concern:
I have successfully developed a reputation for showing up to the party, just to vanish without a trace... only to be seen again when I am ready, years, months and days later.... maybe I have problems socializing... Its hard for me to be in groups of lots of people for too long! I have a problem with the facade of small talk and pretend smiles.... my cycles are seemingly random to the outside world but I am aware of the internal pattern of reclusion.

1) I am bored easily... its a terrible and arrogant thing to say. if you are a person who takes a long time to tell a story, it better be really animated or I will only hear the beginning and end. and because I am a tactless mudslinger I'll probably admit that to you while you are talking.

2) I have anxiety about falsehood in body language.

3) Aquaintanceship with an agenda is no fun.

4) I prefer genuine unconditional whimsical relationships.

5) Most importantly...I like to listen to music, draw/paint pictures and read books.

What does a hermit do?
whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without obligation to do it in a way that is socially acceptable...

I may regret posting this later... and you will know this because I will have deleted this post.

Sincerly (for real y'all)


Supreme Scientist said...

Is that why your Twitter account disappeared?? LOL.

I see you though. I've been called "anti-social," too =)


Iresha said...

"Most importantly...I like to listen to music, draw/paint pictures and read books"---Me too girl...I just got into drawing though and I think that I am pretty good.

I used to be a big hermit and I guess compared to some of my homegirls I am, but I rather spend my evening with me then with people that bore me.


Emblem said...

Sometimes u got to hold your balls/ovaries-raise your middle finger
and sceam"fuck the world!"

Urban Soul Warrior said...

But sometimes, if tha jams are nice, and tha company is coolin, one might see the tiniest wind to your waist...rarely, yes very rarely, you might be tha last one to leave. luv ya, sis!

asia kismet said...

funny i came across your blog awhile back...don't know if i commented or not but i am now...and the first thing that caught me was dilla's music. and to me...if you a dilla fan can't be half bad. lol

anyways i feel you on being reclusive...i've just never been one for 3 either.

Brother OMi said...

nothing wrong with those things... honesty is THE BEST POLICY!