Saturday, February 21, 2009

saturday 9:43 pm

Things that made me smile today
graph paper in journals
Sun at his game enjoying his own self
my personal blend of coconut shea butta
blood orange
watching art make itself
the word Yummy
talkin about Holy books
not rollin my eyes and then rollin my eyes at the observation
talkin to iself about grafted vs. refined
mini me holdin my hand (cus I know she gon' grow out of it one day)
building with little people about free will
being full (in the mental belly)
inappropriate daydreams in the kitchen
productive creative workdays

so I find myself wanting to vent and then will write a blog and then will delete it before I post it because its inappropriate to talk about personals in the ethereal dunya aka www like I wanna talk to the whole universe at the same time but then think y'all some bitch ass haters ( na I ain talkin about YOU) and change my mind and take a shower. I btw prolly take more showers than anyone else I knowledge... it seems to be the only place where I can b alone and meditate.... and its hot and steamy wet in there...then I discovered that I am clearly concerned with the perception that the ethereal dunya has of me.... and that led me to the next realization that I care too much about you (well except for YOU).

so fuck what you think and thank you for teachin me that.

... I am a sweet and sappy ting seen...

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