Saturday, June 13, 2009

washin' dishes

understanding ciphers are new visions of old things... I'll be turning 33 this rotation... understanding my understanding... nuff said right?

in my twenties it was epiphanies everyday but they were subtle... you walk the earth steady asking for wisdom, steady asking for guidance, steady asking for direction... constant movement, constant drive, motivation abounds, life is being and doing...

in my thirties its epiphanies every day but subtlety has left the building and has been replaced with a magnifying glass... I am on year three of asking for patience...I spend a lot of time tryna scrub a label off a jar and the goo that binds the label is fiercely attached... attachment is a bitch I tell you. I don't like that bitch. Ha.

I'll tell you a secret... in my teens I did more hallucinogens than one should probably do in a lifetime... probably in the span of a year I altered my life. Those white men who studied psychedelics and their connectedness to the Tibetan book of the dead were on to something... a larger conversation with your ego and all the layers of labeling that are stuck to this jar.

its telling... and explains much of my paradox & my existential metaphor.

Life is so perfectly simple and so intensely complicated.

the next adventure includes growing things with and for so-called exiled undesirables...more on that later...

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Ma'Lumi said...

You said a mouthful with..."Life is so perfectly simple and so intensely complicated."

I thought I was the only one fed up with the sticky goo.