Saturday, March 22, 2008

as small as I am big


words & wirds & werds & wurds & wyrdz....

in writing a business plan (my first time actually completing one in seriousness) verbage is an exploration in culture. making attempts to speak a foreign language (bankerspeak) and also represent self honestly I play and play and play with the arrangement and spelling of common words. I do it all the time anyway altho in this instance when I am aiming at a sort of compromise between worlds its challenging. My business partner is a writer by nature and feels more at ease walking between worlds so he'll write the bulk and then I will add my nerdsmith revisions.

for example...

he'll enter in holistic thruout the document and I add a doubleyou so it reads wholistic... no holes just wholes... right?

it might say evolution in some places it might say revolution in some places and now thruout it says (with parenthesis) (r)evolution.

these are minor details to some ... to i self they change the entire vibration of the message.

we work well together me and amen ar rashid.

I spose the point is... wisdom is as wisdom does and thats culture.

when you walk as you talk... you can infuse ur culture into every cipher you enter whether it be's bankerland or faatmasphere right? right.

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