Wednesday, March 12, 2008

director vs. manager

right? right. and that pretty much sums up the entire universe my friends.

when you observe and do according to what you observe you can see how what you did was based on what you observed.

when you learn and you act on what you learn, you can understand how and if what you learned is applicable to life.

when you are and your ways are based on who and what you are you are one step ahead of the "game" in that you can see why u do and what u are.

all that and all I am really sayin is 1+2=3. And everything after is just an arrangement of that.

***random side note ( which is always never very random)
so... apparently I am a businessowner, which in the poptraditional sense of the word I am adamantly not, and do not prescribe to the laws of that land. what seems to really be going on is that Faatma is organizing a collective with the community that will bring gold to all those involved. and you knowledge that "gold" means somethin different to everyone.... money, knowledge, power of self, longevity, sustainability, growth, development, networking, stability, knowledge, knowledge..... "gold" is here for us all.

we/you are changing the way we/you do "business".

don't tell me what to do... but PLEASE tell me what WE gon do.

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