Wednesday, March 5, 2008

...when cameron was in egypts land.....

whats lovely is that i have been in constant communication with the internal workings of my physical body for over a decade... cleansing and simpling and listening to the secret life of my inner universe (guts) and fasting every spring in some form or another without fail... all that to say that this spring "I" did not consult with the internal order of faatma (I.O.F.) on how or if I was going to fast this spring... but the I.O.F. is used to protocal so set the clock on DETOX... and I am getting all the effects of a detox (similar to what is often referred to as the common cold) without even doing a fast...

needless to say the I.O.F. has advised me that I should follow my own advice and instruction and fill up on organic green juices, citrus, and infusions of an herbivorous nature as they are one step ahead of me and I need to catch up.

5 = Power.
power is described as the ability to perform a with a considerable amount of success, understanding the laws of control and strength while utilizing your tools with ease.

the I.O.F. is a powerful force which I am in full recognition of on this day.

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