Sunday, March 30, 2008

understanding da cipher

...starting out with the conditioning that things are separate, we take a walk. Oooh look how perty interesting those things and people are. I am c'in it for the 1st time

... compartmentalizing so that we know how to "deal" with each section of our lives independent of each other. Oh that bird is so interesting, that flower is so perty, those peaches smell so good.

... finding out thru walking the tao of self that they are all connected... here we stumble on the notion of "interconnectedness". ooh that bee made that flower blossom into that pear.... lovely.

oh really? changes the way you interact right?

YO. The spot opens SOOON.
Solar... food from the SOL. Think on that

I luv U (cus the reflection of self that U present to I... how bout that)

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