Monday, February 25, 2008


2 + 5 = 7

math is good for everyone. it may be one of the few things in the universe thats absolute. these manifestations of math are older than the sun moon and stars and I won't argue them with anyone... you can try if you must but do the (k)now(ledge) first...

(2) wisdom (5) power (7) god

mix it with the soil from the garden and you get divine growth. sprouts that sparkle with jewels.

everyone can till the soil in the garden, and everyone will at some point enjoy some success at gardening blindly... but the vegetable nerd pays attention to the ways the seed and soil interact...knows how much water or how loosely or tight the soil likes to be packed... that plus the sun chlorophyllinatin my sprouts.... whew I'm in heaven.

ok look... let me try to speak in plain english (it's somethin I'm strivin to get better at) when you have wisdom of a thing, meaning when you have studied and observed and know with confidence that what your observing is truth, you then apply that to life... it don't have to b the garden (but everything is a metaphor for a garden isn't it?) when you use your natural abilities and understand ur use of tension, strength, and when and how it applies to the metaphorical garden.. you see who the divine originator is and how the divine originator makes everything else in the garden work.

that wasn't a very clear attempt of plain english was is... well plain english isn't all that fun to speak in.

the asiatic black man is god.

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