Wednesday, February 20, 2008

me and the words in my head

... this is new for us (me and the words in my head).... words are bullshit as a matter of fact. meaning is always subject to subject matter and relative to space and so-called time. dictionaries are word prisons for eras. grammar is the opposite of freedom...... but... we like it....

vegetable nerd: one who enjoys the study of phytoentites and know(ledge)'s the secret life of plants. a.k.a. vegan guys and gals who actually like vegetables a.k.a. urban gardeners a.k.a. me.

mudslinger: one who plays with mud... be it ceramics or mudpies or the garden... (s)he will sling it at those who deserve it, and everyone deserves it at some point.


Celia said...

anxiously i await to see who catches the first mudpie in the eye. never underestimate the (vegetable)nerds of the universe. peace to the mudslinger!

Anonymous said...

I need to sling some mud at some people.