Friday, February 29, 2008

don't follow anybody elses yellow brick road

Mother, Editor, Organizer/Activist, Business Owner, Art Teacher...not to mention my extracurriculars...

i literally have 7 jobs (3 of them are seeds)and only 1 givves me gold for my labor currently, but in order for them to all get done in the way that I love I have to plan for them all as if they are j.o.b.'s. some people see this as me being overworked and that I may not do enuf for self, yet I know that alot of the benefits are not tangables (i.e. money)...we gain so much wisdom when we pay attention and are able to receive jewels in so many different forms, making me feel rich by new standards... mine.

our qualified ways words and actions help us 2 transcend into new knowledge and thats planning for better ways words and actions... if were not living to be better every moment of this journey than were only being stagnant.

do you know what breeds in stagnant water?

I remember a while back me and a sister of mine had an argument and we went back and forth about "this cess pool" of gossip that was rotating around one point she said "this shit ain natural!" and I said " this cess pool is TOTALLy natural" and explained that when water (an attribute of wisdom) is stagnant ( not doing anything wise or beneficial) it breeds something else anyway.... Bacteria.

look some bacteria is beneficial, and its is derived in a different way than the putrid festering of swamps and lakes with no outlet to fresh moving waters and streams... but the bacteria I'm referring to will kill the things that live in it.

*** Random Side Note*** "natural" don't mean good for you... and that goes for food labeling fo sho! be very wary of how merchandising is not always good intentioned.

On the flip sometimes we have to go against what we are told is "natural" to find OUR nature. we don't all fit in a nice little package and we have to learn for ourselves that what path to follow or if we need to make our own.

long story short, make wise decisions about your way... you born a true you when you do this and then you can take this new awareness, receive information with fresh eyes and walk YOUR path as the best knower of self.

thats all I had to say today.

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