Tuesday, February 26, 2008

building Buildings!

... YO! it seems that you get it all at once or not at all.... no one cares about the specifics but just to let you know... with the good always come the not so good. Don't get me wrong, these days are mostly ethereal and the stuff of movies, but with it I know there are things I have to cut away or let dissolve and thats how you stay on the upswing...


wisdom and equality show you how to build up and destroy what you don't need.

I swear (not really) that I spend most of my days talking talkin talking or runnin hither and tither and planning and strategizing and meeting with who'sandwhat'shisname... because they see that I am 'bout my bidness...

no... don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I'm the shit and I know what I'm doing all day every day... and absolutely there are a million and one ways that I could improve upon self (as I imagine we all could)... just saying the wisdom that I use based on the knowledge that has been presented me is in EFFECT!

the equality steps in when I have to talk to mr. or mrs. whosandwhatsyourname, when I know(ledge) that (s)he is so unalike me and my purpose. yeah... equality steps in and says "no judgement on them or you, just speak to them in the their language with your wisdom" and equality is inevitably always right (and exact).

so this is where building happens.... ooooohyes.... when your blahblah-ing and running hither and thither as the best knower of thisandthat and you run into equality and (s)he whispers in your ear that reminder....

then you get to build to be born... and on g.p. get to destroy a negative trait that lives in almost all ofus...which is the most fun to watch y'all... that's a promise.


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