Wednesday, February 27, 2008

baby elephants born ...

i was born on the 27th day.... so yeah its a day i allow self to get a lil self-centered and see how and if i'm in alignment with the divinity of the day i was physically born to this planet.

am i walking divinity and do my ways manifest life, whether in the form of ideas, actions, developments... physically, mentally and energetically?

there are most def things that could be improved upon and for the most part the answer is emphatically... YES

on the flip... been doin the knowledge to other peoples wisdom & divinity and what it borns... theres so many black, brown and yellow who are doin BIG things in the way of internal (r)evolution (i.e. nutrition) that i get hype and wanna ramble all day.

check out BY SEED & SOIL where they feature original (r)evolutionaries in the internal uprising.... oh and i happen to be the editor, so if you got good mental food to drop... let me know(ledge)

the reflection below is definitely how i identify sometimes... as elephants are associated to the matriarch and my name translated literally into "chief of the women".... altho some days I feel like I am still in an embryonic place with regard to my impact on my universe....

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