Saturday, October 4, 2008

culture in my inners

there have been a few things missing lately....born universal truth I think I've found them.

its been excruciatingly silent since 1) my hard drive died (with too many music files in it) and was replaced and 2) lost my ipod ... I have since found it so the lifeblood has been restored, yet it was a most torturous series of earthquakes in my inner-terminals this past couple of weeks.

the power of silence is a force I haven't had to reckon with in a long time. being forced to acknowledge the 7 bitches within (having understanding(3) planets in gemini... recognizing which voice is vanity, which is ego, which is the abstainer, which is a hypochondriac, which is scared (of u), which is creating, which is clarity, which is true, which is wisdom.... aaaaaaah... and then which voice is singing... because that did start happening after a while.

this elder god in the sufic tradition with the name of hazrat inayat khan has wisdom in a book which calls itself The Mysticism of Sound and Music... most of which is the same lecture series over and over, but he does drop jewels on finding your voice... and to just speak true, and sing true and you'll find the octave, vibrations,notes etcetera that are yours truly and be a tool to use to develop self.

music is my bff y'all... Kian, Asiya & Ajala are the only people on the planet that I crave constant communication with and thats because I birthed them.

born universal truth (the best acronym ever) I had always known music to trigger openings in my mind... never realized till lately that there are some things I won't "hear" because I am listening to my "want"ing for answers..... does that makes sense? want is just as real and true as the bitches within... and since I'll be the first to tell another sister that they better listen to thier inner bitches so that they don't try to break out and cause havoc, I oughtta follow that rule of thumb myself.... mine weren't really tryna stir up trouble in the yard... but they shir was cookin up some brew in the attic... ha.

also... I've been hearin in the wind that I am meant to reconcile with a sister that I disconnected from...on purpose... trust, the feeling was mutual, and apparently now, when you call yourself a builder in the community, you have to let water flow under the bridge... we don't build dams and lakes... stagnant water only breed one form of sustaining life... bacteria. So I have to think about that one for a minute...

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usupreme said...

That's peace. If you already aren't up on it, you may wanna check out another book by hazrat called "the art of being and becoming". One of my favorites. Peace