Tuesday, October 7, 2008


everybody better have somethin to say about what we just watched tonight.

First of all, Mccain's arms are really short, look like they are made of wood and his robotic mannerisms are really distracting, he looks like he is about to keel over at any minute and bounces around like kermit the frog when he's anxious... does anyone really want to put a 71 yr old man who can barely walk or talk and breathe at the same time in charge?

why the fuck does he think its a gift to offer people a tax cut and then instruct them to go spend it on insurance?

did Obama say "I think the straight talk express just lost a wheel?  HA!

did Mccain really say "or somthin like that"?, "that guy" (reffering to Obama) and that "nuclear power is safe and clean"?

if mccain by some crazy miscount happens to win because they forgot to count the votes in colorado, florida and ohio  we all better pack our shit up and declare allegiance to some properly run socialist goverment!


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jade said...

so true! shit, i'm about ready to pack my bags right now...!

funny that you mention mccain's short arms and robotic movements b/c i was thinking the same thing. notice how he can barely even lift his arms; must be incredibly arthritic!

stay up queen.

peace. love. light.