Friday, October 10, 2008

this is the thing... I really do know that you can manifest anything you ask for.  Anything you see in your minds eye, anything you plan for.  I also know that quantity helps.  I wonder what would happen if like minds got in a room more often to VISION.  it may sound spooky to some of you who are dumb, yet the reality is... the more intentional energy that goes into something, the more likely and the more swiftly it will manifest.

however...before we all get in a room with our garbled, loud and interrupting thoughts lets learn to quiet some of that mess.

* my son reminded me this morning (he is doin the knowledge to his cipher/10) that you can activate more neurons in your mind when you practice FOCUS...which he says will allow a person to use more of your brain power.

what does it look like when you sit down and have a conversation with all those voices in your head without any order?  are they talking over each other?  can you even complete a thought?

I know this sister who is wild anyway...yet as I observe her in silence with herself, her eyes are shifty like she is havin a screamin match with her baby daddy... which leads me to the conclusion that she is conflicted in her own mind.  do the knowledge to every cipher people.

the most valuable cipher to your development is always gon be your own mind.  don't let it rule you... love it up, teach it to calm down and move with ease and focus.

I am so in love with myself today... I build y'all are too.  be healthy y'all

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