Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Peace and pay attention to your personal patterns and how they affect everything you interact with, absorb the order of things and respect the models left for us to draw from.

public journaling is wild and crazy... I read blogs more than I write them so I'm often left wondering if people are who they say they are....  internet persona's are an epidemic of grand proportions so I s'pose I am left to rely on the notion that those who are like me will be attracted to me... did that make sense?

we could look at it a couple of different ways...(well really the perceptions are unlimited so here I am generalizing again as if I'm so smart) so lets just say these are my personal observations/judgments about blogging

1) journaling is a release and people who are prone to obsessive/compulsive journaling (like myself) are prone to be secretive, out of shyness, or fear of judgment or whatever the case may be would rather not share with people or in some cases don't have the opportunity to do so, and so instead confide in their books....

here I would imagine that a public journal could be really fucking therapeutic.  I always threaten to start an anonymous blog (or maybe I already have started it....woohahahahahaaa) and how thats probably the only place that I can really release because no one knows where to find it! Anyway... if folks are building and learning and receiving wisdom from random people whom they don't physically know, in theory it could be a really interesting and therapeutic dialogue... which apparently I am really interested in... :-)

2) some people are full of shit and so far removed from themselves that they are allowed the freedom/or prison of creating and propagating some real mundane realities... its really just that simple.... hows that for simple complexities.

3)some people use the internet to socialize under the guise of networking.  I have said before that I am wary of romancing the innernet... I am absolutely speaking from experience and it wasn't just a solitary case of bad judgement.  its an emotional trainwreck waiting to happen.

are any of y'all of the caliber to know folks who were or are yourselves D&D heads?  well If you don't know what I'm talking about then you may skip to the next paragraph... if you DO... doesn't it seem like those same folks are now online speed daters?  "oh so and so is talking to so and so... well nah they never met physically but they've been serious since the first season of avatar..."   anyway... y'all know I'm talkin' about myself right? just kidding.... for real tho.. ha!

4)  this is new media... and its the first time since the inception of free will, that we can build philosophy, wold politicking, global organizing, we could maybe even ... overthrow the man (did I say that out loud?) ... (no you just typed it so they may not have heard you...)

more on this soon.... btw I do... absolutely do... have daily fantasies ... about ... doing this for money... blogging u perv!


Satori said...

I am so not a blogger.. I try.. I erase.. I always felt like my journals were just like my mind.. kinda for my eyes only! So usually its just poetry and only stuff that I dont have in my personal notebook.

Interesting about the anonymous blog.. what is it about us ( meaning anyone who posts their thoughts online) who want to make it public for others to read... hmmmmm even if it's anonymous, there would be no need to post it if you didnt hope someone was reading it, right?

faatma is... said...

indeed...we want people to see it... just not to be judged by it...hence the anonymity.

Eternal said...

...wow!!!...definatly interesting how the internet has us...you can find, do, and date as well on here. So many great points Queen!

..for me its a release, even though I have been spending more time reading others, lol..lol.