Tuesday, October 21, 2008

u are not in the world... the world is in u

  crabdragons in love are a most awe inspiring sight.  It may only last for a day, a season or a year, so if one observes this rare habit of a rare creature, one should stop and be present with the crabdragon... ha... for real tho... the thing about the crabdragon is that she changes her mind quite frequently, which is different than not being able to make up your mind because she is quite firm in her opinions, until they change.

so crabdragon wanders the earth in search of nothing, in awe of life and its hurdles and blessings... decides it would be nice to spend some time curled up in the corner of the local gypsy tavern... a hooooooookah and a book on personology.

"I'll have some mint tea momma"... elder gypsy prefers this title to a name, she is just like crabdragons momma so its an honored title, " thank you..."

and then what happenned?


"..... I've been meaning to C u sis... wanna join me?"

after an hour or so of mathematical flirtations and metaphors about bees and buttafly's...

"...you should know you are a blessing... I just wanna tell you this NOW because tomoro isn't promised and I don't mean that in a apocalyptic kinda way... I mean you never know how you will change/transform from one day to the next and how you will C the universe.... so you should know that you blessed my day and today is forever right now..."

speaking in affirmations that are posted on sticky notes thruout the inside of my shell...

"smile when you think of me ... it keeps the weather nice..."

crabdragon and twinflamebuddha exchanged books, wrote a psalm in each others journals and parted.

being present in that moment wast the best present for that moment.

"How beautiful you are in my I's"

aaaaah mushy mushy crabdragon... get back to work.

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