Sunday, August 3, 2008

ecliptic understandings

it was a few days after the new moon eclipse and she thought to herself, "I have two choices. I can go outside with the rulebook and do the knowledge to the world outside the shell and run the risk of losing the shell (daydreamz) or to go inside and get lost amidst the inside of everything in existence and risk losing "them"... Crabdragons are sore losers and are easily distracted ....

Must choose? Really?

bornuniversaltruth on this day the crabdragon was outside, tryna learn the game (again). She was talking with herself about how this was the last time she was gonna play outside cuz she was sure she wasn’t playin the game right… the rules were backwards and everyone used their words out of order and without meaning , inflections rarely matching the utterances. It confused the crabdragon to no end.

You see crabs walk sideways and backwards and dragons fly in circles… so taking directions is not something crabdragons do well if at all….

…crabdragon decided to try again. She began to chant her psalm in her mind and walk thru the wilderness, which by this time of year was full and bursting with fruits for her to digest. As she was picking tart cherries and sweet raspberries on her tao she caught the scent of sulfur. Crabdragons being made up of fiyawata have an affinity, no, an obsession for the natural warm hotsprings that detox while u daydream. She couldn’t resist a dip in the pool.

She knew she would have to undress and that scared her oh so much but she also knew that no one was ever to contaminate the pools with thier baggage. so she clenched her eyes shut and peeled off her outer layers to step into the pool.

As she lay in the warmth bubbling and tingling she peeked open her I to watch her dragonfly sisters resting and flying and sparkling. A beautiful purple and silver dragonfly sister of hers sat next to her perched on the rocks that made up the pool and blew her a bubble and as it floated downward she followed it with her two I’s.

To crabdragons surprise, she saw the suns reflection in the water, and thru that shining orb she saw herself....aaaaah..... for the first time in a while outside of her shell……

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