Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today was the day to tear down the walls.

Right after a full moon and 7 days of rain.. bare walls are so full of what was. I found otis redding on magnetic reels and a player to match. I’m covered in dust and brick, but I can see every crevice & every nail and the past present and future they hold.

It’s humbling to wield a sledgehammer and tear away what was built because it wasn’t appropriate for your supreme plan. It takes some muscle to even pick the damn hammer up, and when upon first penetration it made me gasp with the thought of “am I sure I want to do this?” and “what if, what if, what if?”

...just to kept tearing and kicking and punching and peeling and sweeping away the debris, I could see… I could see the foundation. I could see where I was standing. I could see the future. I could see it in all its simple perfection.

Thats a pic of my GodBrother and business partner Lavell.

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