Monday, August 25, 2008

This message will self destruct in 1.5 minutes...

Peace on Wisdom Power.

My laptop is in the shop so my time here is short.

The so-called Democratic National Convention(DNC) is all up in my space. Too many POLEES for this (fa)...and national guard on horse, on humV, on bike, on foot, in hellycopters. OOOOOOOObama is here.

Original Fam is divided between hippyhop & G-Rap

If I thought it mattered I would say vote for Cynthia McKinney but since voting for McKinney might help McKain win well you should prolly vote Obama. I ain't convinced he's Sincere. Electoral process is fixed and bullshit anyway.

never seen so many people in my city b4 and since we like to mosey 'round these parts, its pissin me off that people are rush'n to and fro like they got shit to do (just kiddin...for real tho).

raspberries are bangin this time of year.

I had a dream about Agha... it was too much for this blog... I can't reveal it all like DanTresOmi (altho I like how he tells a story)

My seeds started school today and they all told thier teachers that the work was too easy (I love my children more than I love you).

Co-Parenting can work if you want it to.

How come "cool" coffee shops that carry compostable coffee cups don't ever have compost bins.... wtf?

Peace On Wisdom Power..... self distructing in 5...4...3...2.........

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