Sunday, August 31, 2008

open space

reboot, restart, refresh the page...

crabdragons are curious creatures with backwards and sideways processes and cyclical wisdom so the notion of time and deadlines are almost painful. lightening the load. this may cause some initial reclusive introspection, only because there is new space to be explored. special words like "space" and "time" are sitting next to words like "me" and "self". oh shit. has she ever seen such words sitting side by side before?

theres a decent size stack of books that sits on the desk next to the laptop. the laptop is in the shop so the pile of books is now twofold and some of them are open and many of them are marked and highlighted. one that fell off the shelf today that has found its way to the (fa)space is "The Quantum Gods" by someone who calls himself Jeff Love..written the year the dragon was born and he thinks he is smart because he had a conversation with the Qabalah, Freud, a Zen Buddhist and translated it with his quantum(meta)physical lenses on...theres no picture of the author on the back which is most appreciated because than I can consider it without passing judgement on his(story)...we'll see.

clear vision in regards to the nature of our origins is the call of this day. recite ur mantras underyourbreath thru-out(it would be wise to chew on a sprig of mint).... then what happenned?

its a waterfall right/now... crabdragon has some coloring todo with her companions - staedtler ergosoft 24pack pencils. mmmmmm. if only we could share this feeling.

maybe we'll post some of the tactile creationz.

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