Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Asceticism is no fun… ‘specially in your guts.

Theres some good wirds out there in the cyber gardens right now.
Saladin wrote a blog with some realistic guidelines to health… not having anything to do with following a regimen, except the regimen of knowledge(ing) your self and what your self as body does well and doesn’t… if that ain’t the science of everything in life and the metaphor for everythin I dunno what is.

Maternal started another blog called exquisitely botanical… shes fallin in love with herself as the earth and teachin!… I can identify and so her story is one I anticipate…

Emblem went Veg with C’BS as his conscious… should be a good story… eat some green things while you experiment with this God.

Crabdragon loves y’all and has to get back to work on raising knowledge wisdom cipher add three cipher DOLLARS! !!!!SOLAR!!!!!

I’m gonna introduce the characters to y’all soon… the story is unfolding nicey nice.

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