Tuesday, July 15, 2008

knowledge power all bein born to equality? which equality is that? is equality relative too now?

yup... y'all dun pissed me off for the last fuckin time.

she blogs, its true, b.u.t. doesn't live online and doesn't have a fantasy online persona. has however met people online and has made some lasting friends and met some dudes who are coocooloco! whew. romancing the net is ill advised...b.u.t. a good story *wink*

equality is balance.... i invite you all to implement it into your lives.

crabdragon make every attempt to keep the peace in this piece. she is a romantic (shes not lookinpanub shes just daydreamy), uber super heroin ( I still ain got my badge tho b*it@hes), and loves to hate wyrds and wirdsmiths. this is fun. not required. not obligatory. hardly productive. simply an outlet because clay needs meditation... if it wasn't here in my matrix space it would be in a pretty book in my pretty bag, on my pretty hip (actually all the good stuff still is). She don't speak or understand LOL, RFLOAMDHGJYGHGJG or any of that other shit.

equality is balance.... i invite you all to subscribe to the catalog of the universe... and buy a mirror.

crabdragon is also singular (contrary to unpopular 'belief')...not lookin (always seein) a little arrogant (in the most humble way) and as funny as a crabdragon cockroach from the middle east can b. crabdragon studies all the sciences in life and cross references in her shell and then... makes jokes out of it... with a potty mouth no less, because well... thats how she remembers the lessons...and remembering is why crabdragon tells stories..

equality is balance... i invite you all to digest and defacate.... think about that cycle.

crabdragon mostly loves green things that grow (or don't) and respond in the most subtle way to the energy she emits.... wishing people were only so perceptive. some are... like the sage matrix encyclopedia, and the knowledge seed buddha, and the seeds (evergrowing into the best knowers and BE-ers)... and maybe even the invisible agha.

equality is balance... i invite you all to be yourselves with and for your seeds.

she, the crabdragon is in love.... with... herself.


Emblem said...

Why you pissed Maa?

faatma is... said...

bitches and switches and things and strings...

Anonymous said...

ok, so I'm all over "LOL", but "romancing the net is ill advised" is the quote of the F'ing year. WORD! People betta ask somebody.