Tuesday, July 22, 2008

yes sir....progeny prodegy

I obbsessively listen to music. everyone says that right.

My brotherluv, the twintigermonk says the industrial age is over. he's really the only person I can build with on visual stimulation/art/design and theory of... art nerds are the worst arent't we? the combination of philosopher, mathematician with some OCD and the fact that I claim we're high scientists shows that we also have ego's bigger than we can carry most times...

being original in Art school was a tumultuous love/hate affair... going thru your akashic asiatic internal reference libraries every day... and watch it be co-opted. Even still. headphones are your bestest most treasured and dearest friend....to keep the devil off the planet while I'm tryin to manifest divinity...otherwise we'd be having too many conversations about olmecs and eqyptians being original (you wouldn't believe how many dummies think otherwise), and I woulda knocked someone the fuck out if I had to listen to that debate on Art vs Craft one more time.

is bjork original? I don't care.

Herb school was harder because I had to listen to the lecture and couldn't rock the headphones... all the information was original, oozing of melanin... when it was time to build on the science of the pineal gland it was too much for my crab(by)dragon ass...walked out and it took a really long conversation with myself to go back...its all good if they wanna be Wiccan... and I could care less if your 1/16th cherokee and have a friend who's from ghana... I still have to correct you (and wanna smack u)when you ask me to say something in Arabic (we speak Farsi in Iran) and tell me how exotic I am.

...didn't finish either but I miss art theory AND studio access. school ain't for erybody. when I opened my first restaurant that was validated by the people I would meet...these kids in the mountains opened a vegan burger joint, drive thru and all.... super smart on the business tip. And they were ra fooder backpackers who wouldn't even eat the food they were fryin up. I asked the kid who started the vegan burger joint if he went to culinary school. He said he ain even graduate from high school. it made me smile. I dig school and see the benefit to society and at the same time I abhor self righteous academics. especially when we all know that so many supreme scientists were self taught.

...so I obsessively listen to music. and while I know everyone says that, I know I do it more than most. children of musicians & artists are a strange breed. progeny prodegy who can play anythin by ear, and who carry a soundtrack with them erywhere they go...

...then what happened?

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