Friday, July 11, 2008

inspiracy not conspiracy

"..." means "to be continued"... the crabdragon uses "elipses" frequently and its because you are supposed to ...pause...people rarely finish thier thoughts out loud b.u.t. you can see them if you pay attention...ways/mannerisms speak to your all your senses. words can too, altho it prolly takes a highly developed ear to digest words in thier fullness.

older/younger brother amen and crabdragon build alot about the word "cipher". he says cipher comes before knowledge and not after born because it is that pure potential. dragon reminds him that cipher has no beginning nor ending so some place it after born to signify the continuance to knowledge. crabdragon says shes gonna add cipher to her name eventually and knows it'll prolly cause a ruckus. amen says crabdragon is rebellious...

therein is fruit and date-palms producing spathes...


2:10 - sometimes realization that a thing is grafted from its original is all you need to see that bridge to understanding. devil is lived backward...

2:36 - we walk alone (you lil crybabies.) when you find the space between alone and lonely you'll be straight.

11:36 - did somebody ask a question? pay attention!

20:36 - a little over knowledge god add equality ciphers. (always gives me this visual of the queen juggling way too much) the TAO cipher is more than knowledge of god.

29:36 - sometimes we be so worried about what 'they' doin we miss out on making now happen.

2:14 - savage? "able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering" (on self in that blind/deaf/dumb way) civilize? i still struggle with that word...iranian baggage maybe.

11:14 - whats the bond made of? I'd like to know since folks don't even understand the words that be comin outta thier mouths, how can they be held to promise?

bond, "an electrical force linking atoms or the joining of surfaces of different composition" ... we always talking to ourselves ain we. see self is the only binding force to self people. however different we appear... its on you, I mean me...

2:40 circumference 'the distance around the outside of a circle' wisdom culture build born equality... approximately "fairly close to correct" wisdom power add understanding ciphers

following the creationary god degree (1:40 who made it?) and relating to self (earf) it speaks to the 'outward' expression of my tao.

y'all read stephen chang?

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