Thursday, July 10, 2008

right foods for er'body

Peace Family –
I was meeting with a friend last week… and we were talking about perceptions and business and dollars and money and language and community and being (heart & mind)open and he said something to the effect of “ what does business look like for you?” And I said something to the effect of, it’s not really about business in the common sense of the word, it’s about a movement in community.
We don't have to eat the wrong foods...

I (Faatma, lover of vegetables and people) invite YOU to join us.

We know you want SOLAR to open soon. We do too. This is your opportunity to become a part of a movement in food & culture for YOU(and everybody else). There are those that don’t believe that SOLAR can work because people don’t like vegetables. But we know YOU do.
We are short some dollars to begin the building process for SOLAR and have exhausted all the normal bureaucratic avenues for said dollars. So now we turn to those who have been calling, emailing, stopping by and blowing kisses in anticipation of SOLAR in the CITY.

Sponsorships/Donations/Gifts from you can make it happen and then we can show the universe (and be trailblazers in our city) how invested the people are in their own personal health and the longevity of the community.

It’s always been a part of SOLAR’s mission for the organization and the space to be community driven and for the people and now it can also be BY the people. As you know while we are in the “business” of food, we are also very much in the business of FUN. So in thinking about how to commemorate the people who offer Sponsorships/Donations/Gifts and we‘ve started visioning the inspiracy (not conspiracy) like this:

Whether you have one dollar or a thousand dollars we value you and all dollars are welcome!
*FLOWER ESSENCE* EVERY Sponsorships/Donations/Gifts will forever have their name on the wall of fame & get a limited edition (only 100 printed) SOLAR – innerG & Livity Tee Shirt.

*LEAF/STEM INFUSION* Sponsorships/Donations/Gifts over $100 get the above plus they get to name a plate… whatever they want (so long as its uplifting), whether it’s your name, a superhero, a quote (short)…etcetera (you get the drift)

*ESSENTIAL OILS* Sponsorships/Donations/Gifts over $300 get the above plus they get to name a space. It could be named after you or after someone/thing you admire. Spaces like The kids corner, the bar, the theatre, the gallery, the dining area, the lounge, the kitchen, the community wall, the newsstand, etc….

I’m at SOLAR all day every Monday slanging vegetables for the OG LunchBox and would love to share our plans with you. Come visit me…. I’ll show you the space plan, the “business”plan, the menu (ooooh), and give you a tour.

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