Friday, July 4, 2008

blablablee on culture

we live out here in the valleys by the mountains…desert… power wisdom build cipher miles above the water that I need.
Words are my triggers… words are everyone elses triggers too… I just pay attention.
The Word Culture comes from the latin Cultura which is derived from the word colere meaning appropriately “to cultivate”.
Some people would testify that culture is preserved for the righteous. Just know that a lot of words in English exist in polarity and perception. I mean you can take almost every righteous word and turn it into propaganda or self righteous rhetoric… or you can be right. That’s up to the person I ‘spose. Some would live out a so-called culture of propaganda and half truths none the wiser and swear by its origins having never been at the making. ..also known as Patriotism!

Cultivate means - to foster growth, the work the soil to prepare for crops, to educate or refine oneself, to nurture, to cause to grow….If you’ve ever had a garden (as I do) you know that preparation for planting life is more a more arduous task than planting and cultivating doesn’t end at tilling the soil, it calls for fertilizer, it calls for weeding, it calls for balance of placement and soil quality as well as management of other life forms who are there to take what you have planted… it’s a constant task to cultivate. Self and the garden. Use the metaphors as you will.
within culture we share symbols or language. Our language is older than the sun moon and stars.

You can lay mathematics next to any culture and see how it’s related. You can compare it to the Tao, the Vedanta, the Bible or Koran and see the order of things…to do the knowledge, move with wisdom, to gain an understanding, to propagate our culture, to manifest personal power, to deal in equality, to know that the black man is god, to build nations destroy bad habits and born life in many forms….

…and Eff some fireworks.

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