Sunday, July 13, 2008

crabdragon was a little girl once and is still on occasion (don't tell nobody). she was born in a strange place in a strange time of star crossed lovers who rebelled without a cause. one dreamy guitar pic away at a war that taught him about her(oin) and one a firecracker disguised as a rose who was stuck in a mason jar.

then here comes teeny weeny big eyed firebreathin crabdragon... fists held high.

they had no idea what to do with such a thing.

in this far away place with these strange people of this strange land there is a story about a one who is dark and curious...about herself and to the universe. she pushes the boundaries till they break. she doesn't want to marry instead she has wanderlust.... until she finds her 'agha' (mister) oh what a sweet dark fairytale... this is the story of crabdragons namesake... sooski

they called crabdragon sooski because crabdragon resembled her in stature and in mannerisms... not like her mother who was a sweet smelling rose (thorns and all)... they had forgotten what daddy was like he'd been away so long... and they thought he was bad luck.

khaleh sooski...

"are you sure she's yours? she doesn't look like you at all... in fact she looks a lil like the mailman...."

the rumors began to fly...

they had no idea what sort of story they were writing for the crabdragon enigma.

khaleh sooski... translation = lil miss cockroach.

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